Fatherhood will change your life

People say “fatherhood will change your life”. I started my fatherhood journey on 5 January 2019 at Mount Elizabeth Hospital when Baby Tyra arrived on Planet Earth. Our little angel descended from heaven and landed right into our arms.

The journey to this day started a little over 38 weeks ago. I still remember the day when Regina and I discovered that we are going to have a child and the day we discovered the child is going to be a girl. I think nothing would compare to those moments. The anticipation. The big reveal. The excitement. The celebration thereafter.

And of course, the day itself was nothing short of a journey in itself. Regina’s birthday is 4 January and we were celebrating her birthday – lunch at Bread Street Kitchen, Cake Making at Funsiamo and a surprise Baby Shower with her best friends at Beach Road Kitchen, the very place we had our breakfast the day after our wedding. And on 5 January, the big day happened.

I had many thoughts and emotions running through as the day arrived. Am I ready for fatherhood? Do I have enough resources to raise her in a society like Singapore? How will she look like when she is out? And of course, will I faint when I’m in the delivery ward?

The truth is when the midwife brought Baby Tyra over to this side of the table for both Regina and I, an overwhelming emotion of gratitude and amazement came over me. A tear dropped from the side of my cheek and I can only thank God for all He had done through the road to fatherhood.

So, thinking back on the road to fatherhood, I have one conclusion:
who are those “people” who say “fatherhood will change your life”? I think they are every single father in the world and I have joined the ranks to become one of those “people”.