Day 15 – Happiness is working on what you love



Day 13 – Happiness is anticipation of something great happening




Day 12 – Happiness is spending late nights working hard on our talents



Day 11 – Happiness is eating and staying together with cell group



Day 10 – Happiness is having loud and crazy fun with Zumba folks



Day 9 – Happiness is choosing to be happy when it is hard to do so


The whole of today, the one thing that occupied my mind was this – if someone were to ask me whether I am happy right now, how would I reply? Chances are I would say “I decided to be happy today.”

If the question was “do you feel happy today?”, my answer would probably be “No, I don’t feel happy today.” Lots of things happened over the past few days and I had many things and thoughts I could be unhappy about, but if happiness is beyond a feeling, then I could decide to be happy today.

The fact is all of us can have many things to be unhappy about, but sometimes it is up to us to un-unhappy ourselves.

So my happiness is for today is simply choosing to be happy when it is hard to do so.

Live out!

Day 8 – Happiness is pump and combat before rehearsal till late



The day was packed and meetings were heavy, but the best part of the day was squeezing in three workouts for the whole day – morning spin at home, pump and combat in the evening before heading to rehearsal.

The last note I had was I needed to build up my intensity, so my thought is to build long term consistent intensity.

And as usual, rehearsal was a blast with hilarious actors going crazy with lines and laughter. What’s more crazy is the show is this Sunday and we’ve not cleared up the full run.

It is gonna be a challenging weekend, albeit a happy one.

Day 7 – Happiness is celebrating our grad anniversary with fun folks


It’s been 2 years but each year at this time, it’s always timely to remember the journey we went through for 7 months together.  The downside is probably not being able to find the rest of the lovely folks to grab some selfies with.

Day 6 – Happiness is “high tea” with loved ones


The beauty of a free weekend afternoon is having “high tea” with family members before our church service. Why in “…”? Because your eggs and toast are probably more breakfastie than high teaie… The beauty of course is never with just the food, but the company accompanying the food.

This special corner along Esplanade Xchange just down the escalator of Suntec holds the best toast around with other goodies like Otah buns, Croissant with ham and cheese and my new find – Peanut Butter Honey Toast! Yummm!!!

Day 5 – Happiness is a close call

IMG_1114 IMG_1115

The main highlight of my day, you would think, must be collecting my iPhone 6 during launch day, and you would probably be right. For once, collecting my iPhone was literally a breeze. No long queues (relatively). No unfriendly staff or fellow consumers. A lots of blitz and blings to spice up the event. But the main star must be the iPhone 6…


The minute I held it in my hands, I knew this was the right size and Apple has finally gotten it right! The form factor was sleek and the interface was smooth. Love love LOVE the phone!

But like I said, you would think this is the highlight, there was something else… two to be exact… Something that happened in a moment but shot adrenalin up like no other. I was driving on my way to Toa Payoh for a meeting with two other colleagues in the car along Balestier Road when a Caucasian jumped the red light and ran out of nowhere across my car. For that moment, it was like life went on slow motion… In iOS8 style, the slow-mo just got slow-moer. It was in a moment but thank God I was able to slow down and not hit him.

And you would think that’s it, but when I was in the Toa Payoh HDB Hub carpark and was exiting the corner, somehow when I turned, at the corner of my eye, the pillar was so close that it nearly scratched the side of my car. But again in that moment, it was like life went on slow motion… In iOS8 style, the slow-mo just got slow-moer. It was in a moment but thank God I was able to slow down and not hit the pillar.

So what was supposed to be a celebration of getting a new tech became a celebration of numerous close calls for the day. What remains was to celebrate the rest of my day with my new gadget!

So till then, CHILL OUT!


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